Mobile Device Repair: Terms Of Service


  • All information submitted to WizzIT Computer Services will be kept in the strictest possible confidence, and will never be shared with a 3rd party without permission from the customer.
  • All information, pictures, contacts, email addresses, text messages, etc. contained on the customer's device are the property of the customer and will be treated with the utmost privacy and respect.

Liability Waiver

  • Customer assumes all risk by allowing WizzIT Computer Services to open and attempt a repair on any device.
  • WizzIT Computer Services or any of its associates shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages (cosmetic or functional) that occur during the course of a repair. However, any damages to the device caused during the repair that can be corrected with parts on-hand, will be remedied, when possible and practical at the expense of WizzIT Computer Services.
  • Any damages to the device during the course of a repair that cause the device to become damaged BEYOND repair, will result in a full refund to the customer of all monies paid up to that point, and return of the damaged device, along with the original parts, to the customer.
  • Tests shall be performed before any repair in the presence of the customer when possible, to determine which features work and which ones do not. Customer will be notified of any issues with the device and these issues will be documented.
  • If customer is unable to be present during initial testing, they agree to accept any and all diagnosis given by WizzIT Computer Services as factual and final.
  • If customer does not agree to submit consent on this Terms of Service form, no repairs shall be performed. If customer cannot sign form, but gives verbal consent, a representative of WizzIT Computer Services will fill out and sign these forms in the customer's stead.

OEM or Retailer Warranties

  • By agreeing to the terms in this document, the customer acknowledges that any and all warranties, return policies or similar agreements between you and the retailer where you purchased the device or the manufacturer of the device may become null and void when the device is opened. Customer agrees to not hold WizzIT Computer Services or Benjamin Scholz responsible for a warranty becoming void.

Data Backups and Retention

  • WizzIT Computer Services will not be held responsible for any data lost from your device as a result of a repair.

Warranty Claims, Disputes, Returns

  • WizzIT Computer Services provides a warranty for 30 days on all new parts used in a repair against MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT ONLY.
  • Accidental damage (water damage, droppage, etc.) voids the aforementioned manufacturer's warranty.
  • Warranty redemption will be at the discretion of WizzIT Computer Services.
  • CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer Beware)! - Disputes about quality of repair, materials, price, etc. shall be handled on a case by case basis, with special consideration to the following:
    • Customer is expected to inspect device at time of repair completion for possible cosmetic, functional or mechanical issues, and is required to notify WizzIT Computer Services of any and all issues he or she may have.
    • Assumption of repair and parts quality satisfaction is made if customer does not voice any of these concerns and leaves property (or dismisses onsite technician) after device has been returned and monies have been paid. Device becomes customer responsibility at this point, and only manufacturer's warranty will be honoured. This is done because representatives of WizzIT Computer Services have no control over what happens to the device after it has been taken away.
    • Should customer have an issue at time of device return and desires a refund, original parts will be replaced onto the device (when possible) and replacement parts used in the repair returned to stock.
    • Refund will encompass parts costs (minus a $10 restocking fee). Labour charges may not be refunded.
  • All decisions regarding warranty claims, disputes and refunds are at the discretion of WizzIT Computer Services and its authorized representatives, and are final and without exception.

Service Exceptions

  • WizzIT Computer Services and Benjamin Scholz reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, and for any reason.

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