Affordable Websites that Deliver Results

A professional website communicates your services clearly and showcases your work effortlessly. With a user-friendly design, you can engage your audience, increase your reach and streamline your business offerings.

Building a website can seem overwhelming and complicated but WizzIT can assist with the entire process providing clear guidance from the very beginning to the end while leaving out all the confusing jargon.

There are no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees and no obligations, just honest advice with a strong focus on practical, user-friendly design and reasonable pricing.

Why WizzIT?

Owned & Operated on the Eyre Peninsula

Support local business and encourage business growth in your community. WizzIT is based in Port Lincoln in regional South Australia. No website work is ever outsourced and we use web servers and other web based services based in Australia where possible.

A local designer can offer a more personalised service, as they can meet with you in person to discuss your needs, and develop a better understanding of your business goals and branding.

They can also provide more timely communication and feedback, ensuring that your project stays on track and meets your expectations. Additionally, a local designer is often more familiar with the local market and community, which can help them create a website that is tailored to your target audience.

Individual Service - Who doesn't hate call centers?

Because you won't be dealing with a faceless corporation means you can contact and collaborate with the same person right from the beginning to the very end of your web design project (and afterwards as well!).

No more tearing your hair out trying to deal foreign call centers, support tickets, queues or being hand-balled around to different departments.

Working with a freelance web designer can allow for a more direct and efficient communication process, enabling you to have more control over the project's direction and ensure that your vision is properly executed. A freelance web designer can provide a more customized, cost-effective, and streamlined solution for businesses and individuals looking to create or improve their online presence.

Our Projects

Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

The Port Lincoln Junior Primary School website was designed to inform parents and students about the school's core values and also publish information such as newsletters, staff photos and date of important events.

The website is designed using WordPress and features a highly customised back-end which allows school staff to update the website with fresh content easily without worrying about maintaining a consistent and clean layout.

It is designed with readability and usability in mind to make it as easy to navigate as possible, the layout is responsive meaning it will adapt itself to suit the screen size of the device it is being viewed on, be that a desktop PC, laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Harder Transport

Harder Transport is a well established, specialist haulage company based on the Eyre Peninsula and required a website to demonstrate their capabilities and showcase their specialist equipment to potential clients, this is accomplished by using a lot of photographs and clear, concise lists of information about their services and equipment.

It features a mobile responsive design and as always, an intuitive administrative area that allows staff to make changes to their website on their own.

Women's Wellbeing & Safety Centre

It was a real pleasure working with Ben from WizzIT. The process of design was straightforward, and Ben really listened to what we wanted. We are thrilled with how our website looks and functions, and all this for a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend WizzIT.

Kristen Lawler, 
Women's Wellbeing and Safety Centre, Port Lincoln
The Women's Wellbeing & Safety Centre website is a community project initiated by Yarredi Services in Port Lincoln and provides important information about domestic and family violence on the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

The website is built to adhere to government design guidelines and also, as usual, readability and ease-of-use at it's core. Of course, this includes a fully mobile-responsive layout.

The site includes a comprehensive service directory and event calendar which can be easily maintained by Yarredi staff.

Coffin Bay Shellfish

Two years ago I set up my own website - looking back I wish I had gone directly to WizzIT! Thankyou for working with us to revamp and create a new look inviting, user friendly web page for us and our customers.

Our online product is unique and we thank Ben for his suggestions, improvements and professionalism.

Communication is key to everything these days and it was exceptional. Feedback from our online customers has been fantastic!

Sarah Owen,
Coffin Bay Shellfish
The Coffin Bay Shellfish website showcases the stunning beauty of the Coffin Bay area, the freshness and premium quality of their oysters and also an insight into the day-to-day life of a commercial oyster farm operator.

The website provides visitors with delicious oyster-based recipes but most importantly, it allows them to order oysters online, Australia-wide.

Built with WordPress at it's foundation, it features responsive design elements and a customised back-end, allowing staff to keep their website content current, product information updated and keep track of all of their online orders  quickly and easily.

The Custom Kitchen Company

When we approached Ben from WizzIT, we told him we had specific ideas of what we wanted for our new website as our old one was quite outdated, not user-friendly nor could it be used on multiple devices.

We had one in-office meeting with Ben, then a few phone calls & emails later; we had an amazing new website ready for data input.

It was fresh-looking, easy to navigate through & can be used on all devices.

I had a lot of questions for Ben, but not once did he say any of my thoughts or ideas were not possible – If he thought of a better way to do something or another way to do it for better efficiency, he advised me & we ran with it – That’s the type of service we appreciate.

Ben’s knowledge of website design is second to none – We highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a refresh or new website created.

Thank you Ben – For ALL your help – We absolutely love our new website!

Hayley Hall,
The Custom Kitchen Company
The Custom Kitchen Company's website was designed to showcase their custom cabinetry and kitchen projects that they carry out across South Australia. It was critical that the website was easy to update by staff and also allowed for a lot of imagery to be used along with detailed project descriptions to make it easier for potential customers to identify features that they could take inspiration from and incorporate into their own custom designs.

The website achieves this by having a heavily customised administrative control panel that allows staff to add image galleries and detailed descriptions of projects and have the website automatically categorise and display the information in a clean, consistent and responsive manner.

Mount Ive Station

Mount Ive Station is a family owned, fully operational sheep station which is located approximately 200 kilometers west of Port Augusta in the magnificent Gawler Ranges. The sheep station is available to travellers and includes many accommodation options and facilities.

The website offers visitors information about accommodation options and pricing, available amenities and facilities as well as information about how to get there safely and what to see and do while you are there.

The website features a responsive design and is made super easy to manage by staff with a customised administrative dashboard that allows them to make content changes without breaking the site layout or upsetting the aesthetic.